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Self Care Package

Self Care Package

Elevate your self-care routine with luxurious products that will leave your customers yearning for more. Developing a line of body products can seem daunting, but fear not – we've curated a selection of bases to streamline your trials and testing. Here, you'll discover a range of Australian-made body products that are not only of high quality but also incredibly easy to use. From lotions and soaps to perfumes, Wickii body care offers the perfect complement to your handmade candles and diffusers. for a holistic self-care experience.    

Soap making often serves as the starting point for many, and Melt and Pour Soap Base provides an easy and cost-effective way to dive into this craftOur top picks include triple butter, goat milk, transparent, hemp, and foaming bath whip bases, each offering unique benefits:

Triple Butter: Rich in antioxidants with cacao seed butter, high in vitamin A and E with shea butter and anti-inflammatory properties with avocado butter.

Goat Milk: Nourishing and gentle on sensitive skin, perfect for those who struggle with eczema and psoriasis.

Hemp: Non-irritant and moisturising and hydrating through moderation of skin oil production. 

Transparent: Versatile in the way that the base is able to work with your creative mind of developing colourful masterpieces.

Foaming Bath Whip: Moisturising for dry skin, perfect for concocting your own exfoliating scrub with coffee grounds and even add fragrances that blend with the smell of coffee. 

Liquid soap offers another avenue for product expansion. Our Body & Hand Wash Bases simplify the process, requiring minimal effort to create bespoke soaps. Add fragrance oil to your base and package with our Boston Bottles with Pump Lid for a complete package. A fragrance loading of 2.5ml per 1000ml is sufficient, for example, 6.25ml FO per 2.5L

Goat Milk Body & Hand Wash - This is a silky smooth body and hand wash made from Australian goats milk, with a unique blend of natural ingredients including soy protein, plant-based glycerine and conditioners. This formulation is designed to soften skin with rich, moisturising emollients.

Premium Body & Hand Wash - With ingredients derived from coconut oil containing vitamin E and a perfectly balanced PH, this soap will leave your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised.

Potassium Cocoate is ideally used with foaming pumps and Liquid Castile is also a useful base for household cleaning. As a natural base, it is a frequent ingredient in a lot of homemade household recipes and is a great allrounder. 

In today's self-care landscape, consumers gravitate towards natural, high-quality products. As a business owner and passionate creator, catering to these preferences is paramount. Our carefully curated bases eliminate the need for complex measurements and calculations, saving you time while ensuring top-notch results.

Imagine these products alongside matching fragranced candles, offering a cohesive experience tailored to relaxation, invigoration, or stress reduction.

Finding bases that take the multi product, measuring and percentage calculation out of the equation to save your precious time is what we have highlighted throughout our product development. Room sprays, perfumes and our face and body lotion are ideal for the creator who only has a few minutes to spare and loves a high quality, cost effective concoction.

Room Spray Base - 1% fragrance loading - fragrance oils or essential oils - room spray/body mist 

Perfume Base - 20% fragrance loading - fragrance oils or essential oils - concentrated mixture

Body & Face Lotion - This lotion can also be used as a face cream without fragrance and is suitable for all skin types as well as a body lotion to layer your fragrance. It combines nourishing ingredients to soothe and hydrate your face and body help to promote a healthy complexion with fast absorption.

Picture these products in a collection along side matching fragranced candles, relaxing, invigorating or even stress reducing themed scents.

It's all about how you pitch your products to your clients. While you might have a vision, selling the product comes down to the language used to describe how you want your creations to be seen by the viewer. Here are some tips for launching new additions to your collection:

While it is hard to describe things like the smell of the fragrance over the internet, think of words, moments or feelings that you would associate with the smell or the sensation of the candle/soap/perfume for example.

Confidence is key when launching new products. Complete your testing to your standard and expectations to ensure you have a great understanding of the product.

Stick with it and don't lose hope. It takes a little bit of time and perseverance bringing a new product on the market. Take every opportunity you can to talk about it and pitch it to your current clientele while trying to attract new business.

We hope these bits of information has given you the push you may have needed to start your journey of experimenting with new products and expansion of your creativity. 

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